[Kolab-devel] CYRUSError 16 when creating user

Mat Cantin mat at cantinbrothers.ca
Sat May 31 06:05:43 CEST 2014


I've written to the Kolab user mailing list about this issue I'm having, 
but no one has responded so I thought I would try the development. Maybe 
someone here can help?

My problem is basically this: pykolab appears to get stuck when I try to 
create a new user. The pykolab debug log gives me the following output, 
and I'm left with a partially created user who can't log in.

pykolab.imap DEBUG [23525]: Creating additional folders for user 
user at domain.com
pykolab.imap DEBUG [21064]: Waiting for the Cyrus murder to settle... 
CYRUSError(16, 'LOGIN_PLAIN', 'authentication failure')

Can someone tell me why I'm getting this CYRUSError?

Thank you.

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