[Kolab-devel] arm packages

hede kolab983 at der-he.de
Sat Mar 8 13:02:44 CET 2014

Hi all.

I see, there's an "armv7l" at the obs scheduler status page:

Its status is "dead", but it's there at least. 

Are there any plans to provide arm packages?

It shouldn't be a problem, because your packages are compiling fine. At least for me. I can affirm that for Debian 7.0 armhf. I'm using it right now. 

If anyone would like to test this by himself but shrinks from self-compiling, feel free to use my package repository:

disclaimer: Those binary packages are build by hand from the sources at
The sources should be the same. But I've modified the one or other to fit my needs. (All modifications are listed in the corresponding changelogs and provided as source.)
I'm not an experienced package maintainer. Thus they might be broken in any kind. They are unsigned and provided for testing purposes only! Use at your own risk!


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