[Kolab-devel] setup-kolab / kolab-setup (was: Cyrus didn't answer on port 993, SSL missing_)

Richard ml at radoeka.nl
Sat May 11 21:10:54 CEST 2013


Op zaterdag 11 mei 2013 19:35:09 schreef Jeroen van Meeuwen:
> On 2013-05-11 19:21, Richard wrote:
> > One last thing, is it possible to rename setup-kolab, to kolab-setup?
> > Like most
> > of the other kolab tools, it starts with the kolab- prefix.  Making
> > it easy to find /
> > visible when executing: kolab<tab><tab> on the command line.
> Speaking as the architect, I have no objections against making it so
> (upstream, in the various platform packages, and in the documentation).
> Speaking as the person that is upstream, maintains most of the
> packages, and authors / maintains the documentation, I have to admit I
> simply do not have the time to make it so, while it also appears to be
> rather futile.

In that case I better make a bug report for it.  

I think that there is only one place where the script is mentioned: kolab-cli.

The documentation will be a bigger concern, as I don't know if that can be
easily search for the word setup-kolab.


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