[Kolab-devel] ActiveSync unstable

Tobias Brunner tobias at tobru.ch
Mon Feb 25 14:49:54 CET 2013


>> /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/ext/Syncroton/Model/AXMLEntry.php on 
>> line
>> 172
> This one should be already fixed in git. The error here was caused by
> buggy import of vCard data in kolab_addressbook plugin (fix:
> http://git.kolab.org/roundcubemail-plugins-kolab/commit/?id=8dfc52cae040e2459cda6c377fd3aa9697df42d9).
> I added also a fix to prevent from such errors on kolab-syncroton side
> (fix:
> http://git.kolab.org/kolab-syncroton/commit/?id=b847691f57634118b9df9ccb0768e43187833506).

I can confirm that this is fixed on the latest git head.

I'm running 6249f2e of kolab-syncroton and now all my devices are 
syncing continuosly without an end. F.e. my N9 is telling me it has 
updated over 3000 contacts and 5000 calendar entries which I don't have. 
It seems that the server does not store which item has already been 

The debug log of activesync is huge, for what should I look for in it?


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