[Kolab-devel] kolab-syncroton

Paul Klos kolab at klos2day.nl
Sat Feb 23 22:25:32 CET 2013

Op vrijdag 22 februari 2013 10:42:06 schreef Tilman Krösche:
> Sry,
> i thought the situation was clear.
> I made an upgrade install. I got kolab + roundcube + kolab-syncroton 
> (last debian version) running fine.
Just making sure :-).

Anyway, I uploaded an updated version that will hit the repos shortly.

Apparently, I had some leftovers in my test system, that caused the previous version to install correctly for me. After a more thorough cleanup I could reproduce the symptoms you described. These have been fixed in version 2.1~rc1-2.

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