[Kolab-devel] Activesync with iPhone (iOS 6.1) Address Book problem

Mat Cantin mat at cantinbrothers.ca
Tue Feb 12 22:58:29 CET 2013


I have a couple of users trying to sync their iPhones with Activesync 
to Kolab 3 stable on CentOS 6.3. The emails and calendars work without 
issue, but the Address Book stays empty saying "no contacts". Global 
contacts search work.

These same accounts work without issue with Android phones.

There is an error in the httpd access_log that I think is related:
<ip address> - <username> [12/Feb/2013:13:50:42 -0800] "POST 
ID>&DeviceType=iPhone&Cmd=Sync HTTP/1.1" 500 -

Interestingly, going to the address with a web browser says "It works!" 
with userid and IP address.

Anyone have any ideas what might be happening?

Thank you.


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