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Tilman Krösche tilman.kroesche at namlit.com
Tue Feb 12 11:20:54 CET 2013

I tried it but had some errors that made it unusable for me. Synckolab 
modified all entrys in my calendars without any need and after that 
roundcube wasn't able to display. Even new entrys wasn't readable. So 
all my calendars vanished. The developer told that he will take care of 
the issues and suggested to take a look at the timezones but i couldn't 
find any problems here. Hope he'll get things to work.
By the way the autoconfiguration feature works very well ;)


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> On Tuesday 05 February 2013 13:19:56 Torsten Grote wrote:
>> I just finished coding on a new part of synckolab - it's about
>> automatically configuring it.
>> The new option is available in the current nightly (with a few fixes).
>> Maybe someone can try it out and give me some feedback.
> Did anybody try this out?
> Regards,
> Torsten
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