[Kolab-devel] Reworking pykolab, setup-kolab and packaging

Richard ml at radoeka.nl
Sat Dec 21 08:32:47 CET 2013

Paul, Hans,

Op vrijdag 20 december 2013 12:14:14 schreef Paul Boddie:
> > Please be advised that in the openSUSE community quite a lot of work has
> > been done as well in the preparation of kolab setup (kolab-pre-setup),
> > perhaps this could also be of service to other distro's:
> > https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/server:Kolab:UNSTABLE/kolab-script
> > s
> Yes, I saw this before, but I then started to wonder about the apparently 
> separate kolab-setup script that was being mentioned and where this was (or 
> whether it is just another name for setup-kolab). 

The latter, just type kolab<tab><tab> and find all the goodies avaiable for 
kolab, in this case including kolab-setup.  kolab-setup = setup-kolab

> There are some things in
> these scripts which are very useful additions, but other things are
> probably superfluous in Debian in some ways, particularly if the
> appropriate packages are already configured (MySQL coming to mind again).

It's plugin driven.  If a check is not needed, do not distribute it or disable 
the check:

kolab-scripts> cat pre-setup.conf
# Disable checks that are stored in /usr/share/kolab/pre-setup.d/
# The checks are enabled by default and can (only) be disabled by assigning
# the value "disable" to the check's filename (with hyphens (-) replaced by
# underscores and the .sh suffix removed).
# Example for check (filename): kolab-check-update-pkgs.sh
# kolab_run_update_pkgs=disable

Include in kolab-pre.conf

and the mysql database will be disabled.

If another another check is desired, just drop it in the directory 
/usr/share/kolab/pre-setup.d, determine the order it has to be executed with 
KPS_CHECK_ORDER and that's it (KPS: Kolab Pre Setup).

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