[Kolab-devel] New release: pykolab-0.5.9

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Thu Dec 20 17:00:17 CET 2012

Hi there,

I'm pleased to announce a bug-fix release for pykolab, version 0.5.9, 
targeted for Kolab 3.0.

This release contains 15 bug fixes, for which an overview is available 


Packages will become available soon enough, please find the source 
tarball at:


Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Systems Architect, Kolab Systems AG

e: vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
m: +44 74 2516 3817
w: http://www.kolabsys.com

pgp: 9342 BF08

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