[Kolab-devel] OU Selection in "Add Users"

furlot furlot at free.fr
Thu Dec 20 11:32:46 CET 2012

Le 20/12/2012 10:33, Torsten Grote a écrit :
> Btw. the bug is filed as https://issues.kolab.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1420 and
> Eric was so kind to provide a patch that changes
>      Domain created successfully.
> into
>      Domain created successfully.
>      Don't forget to add new domain in /etc/kolab/kolab.conf. See Chapter 11 in
>      Administrator Guide.
I write to See Chapter 11 but Chapter 11 is about "Hosted Kolab", It's seems that there is not 
chapter about "secondary domain", there is an example in Chapter 3.1
So maybe it is better to say "Refer to documentation"

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