[Kolab-devel] OU Selection in "Add Users"

Torsten Grote grote at kolabsys.com
Mon Dec 3 15:19:04 CET 2012

Hi Eric,

On Monday 03 December 2012 15:13:19 furlot wrote:
> oh yes a remember notification should be a good idea! first time I install
> kolab I read the doc and  I was adding the second domain in kolab.conf, but
> I forget this when I reinstall without reading the doc....

Yes, I agree. This is something that someone easily forgets, especially if you 
are used to click and pray web admin interfaces.

I saw you using the bug tracker, but you mind creating a ticket about that, 
and maybe, if you know some PHP even start working on this? The code for the 
webadmin is here:



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