[Kolab-devel] Is IMAP still the right choice?

Hendrik Helwich h.helwich at tarent.de
Wed Nov 30 15:05:53 CET 2011

Hi Alain,

Am Mittwoch, 30. November 2011 14:45:23 schrieb Alain Abbas:
> > > - restful protocols: portable contacts (now integrated in opensocial)
> > > and 
> > > Google's calendar API v3[3]
> >
> > Sounds good :-)
> > I work for Tarent AG which developed a Kolab web service which wraps the
> > Kolab IMAP server [1]. A restful protocol would be nice and opensocial and
> > Google's calendar API look promising
> Zimbra do that ; and i think it could solve a lot of problems to have more
> control on the server side and a really efficient cache and way to search
> (for groupware objects)

Zimbra sounds interesting. Thanks for the hint.
I also think that Kolab needs more control on the server side (or at least a 
client library). This could increase the performance and especially make 
client development easier and less error-prone.

Best regards,


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