[Kolab-devel] Is IMAP still the right choice?

ABBAS Alain alain.abbas at libertech.fr
Wed Nov 30 11:18:35 CET 2011

My Kolab experience is now of 3 years and i wrote some extension (Z-push backend) and have some big 
customers who use Kolab
For me Imap is not a good storage and have some lacks that is painfull
1) the speed and performance 
we must for each client to cache everything to have a "good" performances 
2) not really full search functionnality (try to search for an event for example without cache who is a really 
a bad thing on a big calendar (you must iterate all the mails .....)
3) duplicate info for some groupware object ( not easy without a lot of code to have for example things like free busy 
or the status....)
4) lack on the permissions Impossible to have a granularity like a bdd or LDAP (example PRivate sensitivity who is 
just a software bit in the format we have with imap just 
5) buggy duplication info the software must control for example the UID duplication that is a pain and a lost of time

This is for me the 4 main reasons to think to another storage for Kolab

Alain Abbas


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Quoting Thomas Koch <thomas at koch.ro>:

> Hi,
> I'll push regular updates to my bachelor thesis[1], if my Professor agrees.
> Right now I've pushed a list of advantages (short) and disadvantages  
> (long) of
> using IMAP for a groupware like Kolab does.[2]
> I've the impression that IMAP may have been a good, quick choice at the
> beginning of the project that should be revised now.

Revised for which specific reason?

> I'd like to propose as the subject of my bachelor thesis that I want to
> outline a groupware architecture with the following properties and  
> implement a
> small part of it:
> - restful protocols: portable contacts (now integrated in opensocial) and
> Google's calendar API v3[3]
> - NoSQL or plain files storage? CouchDB?
> - CardDAV / CalDAV to reach many clients
> I'd appreciate any comments on the IMAP subject or my "restful groupware"
> vision. Thank you!

I think I fail to see the link between being a "restful groupware" and  
the actual storage backend. As far as I know Kolab Systems is moving  
towards a more RESTful interface anyway. But that does not include  
changing the storage backend.



> [1] https://github.com/thkoch2001/bachelor-thesis
> [2] this link may change: http://thkoch2001.github.com/bachelor-
> thesis/multi/restful_groupwarese2.html
> [3] http://code.google.com/apis/calendar/v3
> Regards,
> Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro
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