[Kolab-devel] Packaging the kolab-webadmin package

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at kolabsys.com
Wed Sep 15 10:04:42 CEST 2010


We are currently trying to make native packaging easier (or maybe  
cleaner) for Kolab Server 2.3. This means clean source packages for  
all the Kolab Server elements.

I considered kolab-webadmin to be the worst problems in that area. It  
required kolabd to build the source code so it was crossing package  
boundaries during the build. In addition the building actually  
modified the code by adding hardcoded paths.

I resolved this now by allowing to set distribution specific paths  
within a real configuration file and by transforming the whole package  
into a PEAR package. This happened in the "refactor-kolab-webadmin"  
branch in the new mercurial repository.

I would like to urge all packagers (or otherwise interested parties)  
to look into these changes and to check if what I did makes sense. I  
would like to merge the branch in about a week from now.

The corresponding issue is kolab/issue1066 ([kolab-webadmin] Allow to  
distribute source tar archives for kolab-webadmin)  
(https://issues.kolab.org/issue1066) and I think it makes sense if we  
continue discussing problems/improvements there.

Assuming I would merge the branch next week then the next step would  
be to remove the source code from the repository to keep packaging and  
sources separated (yay!). In former times I moved a lot of PHP code to  
the Horde repository. This made sense at the time as the code quality  
over there was way higher and the code I moved has strong dependencies  
on the other Horde components. In addition the whole infrastructure on  
horde.org is focused on PHP coding.

But moving the kolab-webadmin there probably wouldn't be a good idea.  
There are no dependencies on any other Horde components. And while the  
packaging may have improved the code itself did not. I don't see how  
it could benefit from living in the horde.org repository at the moment.

So I'd rather like to keep the code somewhere else. My preference  
would be to put it into a Kolab System git repository. What do others  



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