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Fri May 14 17:16:11 CEST 2010

New submission from Christian Tardif <christian.tardif at servinfo.ca>:

I noticed that, for most users, the actual Spam filter does not give good
control enough. The actual filter is based on X-Spam-Level, which is only
integer based. So a mail with a score with 6.01 will be treated the same way as
a mail with a score of 6.99, since one only can enter 6 or 7 as a target in the
actual spam filter. This can lead to false-positive, and false negative.

A better approach is to leave X-Spam-Level alone, and work with X-Spam-Score,
which is the real score of a mail, as per SpamAssassin's decisions.

So I did a couple of changes to three files (and a couple of help files for
ingo). Two file changes are to allow to replace the target from X-Spam-Level to
X-Spam-Score, and one change is to work around a bug in Sieve which does not
allow to do comparisons with negative values. The negative bug has been reported
to horde team (http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/7308) and my patch file reflects this.

(since it seems I can only add one file at a time, for messages will be done for
this issue)

files: sieve.php.patch
messages: 25123
nosy: tardich
priority: wish
status: unread
title: Poor spam filter user control

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