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Wed May 12 15:47:11 CEST 2010

Well, as announced, we^H^HI put together the remaining application --  
the IM one. As could prabably be expected, supporting the Kolab  
architecture as it is now, we both stuck to Horde 3 and kept  
everything in IMAP.

To avoid confusion about attachments, we'll do it right this time :P,  
anyone feeling like trying it can just clone the public git repository  


As usual, the folks over here just want this in upstream Kolab and  
couldn't care less about whether or not it ends up in some Horde repo  
or the other (and I suspect our consistent use of H3 makes this  
feeling quite mutual :P).

Mind the 'install' directory in the source tree, notably the README file.

Simon Bausch**,
TBits.net GmbH***

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