[Kolab-devel] munin

Richard Bos ml at radoeka.nl
Mon Mar 31 22:34:32 CEST 2008

Op Monday 31 March 2008 21:40:36 schreef Mike Gabriel:
> i have been using munin at an institute i worked for for quite a  
> while. to monitor a mailsystem it has quite an overhead of  
> functionality...
> the question is: what information do kolab administrators really  
> need??? i personally would rather prefer a slightly thinner solution  
> than munin (or do postmasters really need their system's entropy to  
> make a brighter day???).

It is easy to customize, in ths case a
# rm /etc/munin/plugins/entropy
or something along that line will remove the entropy graph.

Richard Bos
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