[Kolab-devel] Kolab Server 2.2 Release Candidate 2 released

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Mon Mar 17 15:57:13 CET 2008


On Friday I uploaded Kolab Server 2.2-rc2, which includes important
fixes compared to rc 2 and includes the ClamAV security update.
enhancements and fixes compared to beta 3 and feature and security
updates for OpenPKG components.

Documentation and OpenPKG source packages are be available in the
directory server/beta/kolab-server-2.2-rc-2/ of the mirrors listed
on http://kolab.org/mirrors.html (which currently is only one):


Included is a gpg signed MD5SUMS file to verify if your download is

  $ gpg --verify MD5SUMS
  $ md5sum -c MD5SUMS

Binary packages for Debian GNU/Linux (etch/stable) on x86 platforms
can be found in the ix86-debian4.0 directory next to the sources.

Please look at 1st.README and release-notes.txt for more information
about this release. Please report any problems you encounter in our
issue tracker: https://issues.kolab.org/

Thomas Arendsen Hein

P.S.: A very quick way to upgrade a server running 2.2-rc1 via
source packages is to download only the new RPM files from
and compile them with the following (long) command line:

# su - kolab
$ openpkg rpm --rebuild --define 'with_fsl yes' --define 'with_group yes' --define 'with_group_igncase yes' --define 'with_atvdom yes' --define 'with_drac no' --define 'with_replication no' --define 'with_murder no' --define 'with_listext no' --define 'with_nntp no' --define 'with_ldap yes' --define 'with_annotate yes' --define 'with_morelogging yes' --define 'with_kolab yes' --define 'with_kolab_nocaps yes' imapd-2.3.11-20080101_kolab2.src.rpm && openpkg rpm --rebuild clamav-0.92.1-20080213.src.rpm horde-framework-kolab-3.2_rc1-20080311.src.rpm && openpkg rpm --rebuild --define 'with_horde = yes' --define 'kolab_version = 2.2-rc2' kolab-filter-2.2.rc2-20080314.src.rpm kolab-freebusy-2.2.rc2-20080314.src.rpm kolab-webadmin-2.1.99-20080314.src.rpm kolabconf-2.2.rc2-20080314.src.rpm kolabd-2.1.99-20080314.src.rpm perl-kolab-2.2.rc2-20080314.src.rpm php-kolab-2.2.rc2-20080314.src.rpm

(please drop "--define 'with_horde = yes'" if your server does not
use the Horde web interface)

After compilation you can use "openpkg rpm -Uvh" on the new rpm files
in the /kolab/RPM/PKG directory.

thomas at intevation.de - http://intevation.de/~thomas/ - OpenPGP key: 0x5816791A
Intevation GmbH, Osnabrueck - Register: Amtsgericht Osnabrueck, HR B 18998
Geschaeftsfuehrer: Frank Koormann, Bernhard Reiter, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner
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