[Kolab-devel] SyncML support for the Kolab server

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Thu Mar 13 08:10:26 CET 2008


SyncML support for the Kolab server has been requested for several
years now. Supporting it via the modules available within Horde always
seemed to be one the of easiest ways to get mobile clients to
synchronize with the server. Since the newest Kolab server release
candidates now provide Horde, how far is SyncML support away?

Not far at all... Univention contracted p at rdus via the Kolab
Konsortium to implement SyncML support within the Kolab server.

Initially a version that would require an additional MySQL database
was planned but p at rdus invested some additional time into generating
purely IMAP based drivers so that SyncML support will also be
available within the Kolab-2.2-RC3 release (the Kolab server does not
use MySQL at all by default).

The first draft of patches is available now and can be tested
immediately if you install Horde from CVS on an external web server:

wget http://kolab.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs-kolab.cgi/*checkout*/server/horde/external-horde-cvs.sh
chmod u+x external-horde-cvs.sh

The client needs a URL for SyncML access which should look like this:


As usual this is all still rather untested and not more than an
initial draft. It still had serious failures yesterday but you are
nevertheless encouraged to try it yourself and to report back ;)



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