[Kolab-devel] Installing Horde from CVS

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Thu Mar 13 07:56:11 CET 2008


In principle it is no problem to install Horde from CVS. If you wish
to install it with Kolab support though you will need to apply a few
patches. This can be quite complicated as it is not necessarily
obvious which patches need/should be used.

My personal work envionment lies at 


and is a mercurial patch queue on top of Horde CVS. There are no
explanations available within this repository so it may be hard to
find the patches within that repository.

But I did slightly reorganize the patch series
now so that I can easily derive an install script from it:


>From this installer you should be able to get a current Horde
installation based on CVS:

wget http://kolab.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs-kolab.cgi/*checkout*/server/horde/external-horde-cvs.sh
chmod u+x external-horde-cvs.sh

It will contain the latest Kolab specific patches.

Of course this is a fragile approach and chances are that the script
will fail once it is older than one or two weeks. But I'll try to
update it frequently.



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