[Kolab-devel] thomas: server/kolab-webadmin/kolab-webadmin ChangeLog, 1.88, 1.89

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Tue Mar 4 17:35:26 CET 2008

* Richard Bos <ml at radoeka.nl> [20080304 16:52]:
> Op Tuesday 04 March 2008 15:51:05 schreef cvs at kolab.org:
> > kolab-webadmin: Reverted extra spaces after the main menu entries.
> > This does not look good.
> I'm surprised by this remark (of course as I'm the committer of the original 
> change ;) ).  To be honest I did not see a change on the web interface in the 
> before and after case (commit).  As such I'm surprised by the remark "It does 
> not look good".  In which browser does it not look good?  Have you tried to 
> make the window smaller, and did you notice the difference between the before 
> and after commit cases.  After (my) commit the page breaks much nicer....

Sorry for not providing a more detailed explanation, I just thought
it was quite obvious at where to look. I asked a co-worker to look
and he saw it immediately, too. We both used BonEcho.

The extra spaces are clearly visible in when you have underlined
links (which I at least have in submenus) and were slightly visible
in the main menu (the right | was a little farther away from the
left |).

So whatever you do to solve this:
1. use white space on both sides
2. don't put white space at the start or end of a link text.

And it would be good if the menu bar wouldn't get any wider than it
already is.

I've attached a screenshot with the current version at the top and
your version below to compare.


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