[Kolab-devel] Palm sync/KPilot oddities...

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Jun 30 14:17:20 CEST 2008


On Wednesday 25 June 2008 08:17, ITSEF Admin wrote:
> I know that syncing Kontact with a Palm (or any other PDA, for that matter)
> isn't top priority at the moment, but I made a few observations in the
> enterprise35 client which I'd like to share:

thanks for sharing, experiences like this are always interesting.

> - The first thing I noticed is that enterprise35 does not switch to offline
> mode when syncing (proko2 does, AFAIR). There is a *LOT* of "Calendar:
> Uploading to server" activity going on during the sync. It almost looks as
> if Kontact is interacting with the server for each and every event, making
> the whole process quite slow

Creating an issue for this is certainly a good idea.

> - Syncing as such worked a lot better in proko2. With enterprise35, I
> frequently get conflicts between PC and PDA, conflicts between PC and
> server and double events. It looks like Kontact is not able to keep track
> of the event IDs properly when faced with the Palm connection. Also, I see
> a *lot* of "dummy messages" showing up in Calendar - on an agenda of abut
> 500 events I can get as many as 2000-4000 dummy messages after a sync. So
> far, I cannot reliably reproduce these effects - but they definitely happen
> more often that with proko2.

From your description I take it that you can reproduce, though no reliably.
Then trying to create good separated issues would be cool.
You might even try to reproduce some of them without a dimap account (and a 
Kolab Server) which would raises the chances for upstream KDE to care about 
it. Note that KDE goes to the Opensync direction, 
maybe that is also something to look into.


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