[Kolab-devel] [issue2800] Encryption in windows does not work.

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Fri Jun 20 12:00:18 CEST 2008

New submission from basysKom GmbH <kontactbugs at basyskom.de>:

Hello Kontact for Windows Team!

I have gpg4win-1.9.2-beta.exe installed (downloaded from your site), but are 
unable to encrypt anything using the same S/MIME certificates we are using on 
Linux without any problem.

Right after a reboot I do get the following behaviour for an Admin user:

kleopatra starts up, but gets stuck in while "Loading Zertificate-Cache" 
(Zertifikat Zwischenspeicher wird geladen). Running gpgsm manually results in 
the application getting stuck, too (no interesting output).

After removing Application data/GnuPG gpgsm works fine again and kleopatra 
starts up, too. I can then import my Certificates again using gpgsm (kleopatra 
fails to import the secret keys, but the public ones are fine). Afterwards I 
can restart kleopatra as needed and gpgsm does no longer freeze either.

But I still can not encrypt anything: gpgsm -e -r USER FILE stops, complaining 
that dirmgr is not accessible. This happens to both admin and unpriviledged 

Any ideas how to work around these issues?

Best Regards,

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title: Encryption in windows does not work.
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