[Kolab-devel] Extending Kolab

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue Jun 17 15:53:16 CEST 2008

Am Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008 00:44:34 schrieb Alain Spineux:
> > A "few Gentoo" specific things are just what we have been doing
> > with kolabconf. Puppet looks large, so finding out what is actually
> > happening will be more complicated than with kolabconf, as it is simpler
> > and it works. You have a point in that kolabconf might not work well with
> > _all_ potential server packages, as more "specific" routines might be
> > necessary.
> Maybe having a completely custom kolabconf for each platform is
> cheaper than trying to do the same with a smarter tools.
> Maybe make kolabconf itself more modular is a solution.
> The question is where to write the rules:  in kolabconf or in puppet ?

Kolab Server/OpenPKG so far stays with kolabconf.
The question is what rules to write. A small function could still be more 
flexible and simpler to audit than a tool with its own configuration 

> > The choice of versions also bears a risk, people using Kolab Server
> > usually get a quality tested system in this combination, any other
> > combination of components has the chance the degrate the usage
> > experience. Those problems with shape the "image" of Kolab Server with
> > production users.
> When people are experiencing some problem with a native version,
>  the first thing we to is to try the openpkg version!
> What is the advantage of a native version ?
> - performance ? (I'm jooking :-)
> - easiness ?  apt-get vs a rsync and a install-kolab.sh, not convinced
> - installation time ? We could provide binary vesion of openpkg
> package for each supported platform (can we ?)
> - others ?

The biggest advantage is integration in the native package and configuration 
management. This just feels wrong to some people to have an extra package 
system with OpenPKG. This also means to maintain only one.
To me this is less important then the more unified Kolab Server community
which makes it much easier to get updates out and tested, thus raising the 
chances that the system coming with OpenPKG is actually more robust,
because this combination has been subject to more review.

(We could provide binaries for each platform if we have those platforms 
available for building. (OpenPKG has a build farm, there are others as well, 
but it is quite a bit of work.))

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