[Kolab-devel] Kolab server - greylisting (long)

Gelpi Andrea liste at gelpi.it
Mon Jan 21 19:04:27 CET 2008

Andreas Micklei wrote:
> I have also installed postgrey and integrated it with kolab with a much 
> simpler although not as clean approach:
> - install postgrey as delivered for your Linux distribution (yum install 
> postgrey on CentOS)
> - configure postgrey to listen on a TCP Port (for example 60000, 
> put 'OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --inet=60000"' into /etc/sysconfig/postgrey on CentOS)
> - put a check policy line with the correct port number into your kolab postfix 
> main.cf ('check_policy_service inet:')
> - enable postgrey startup during system startup ('chkconfig postgrey on' on 
> CentOS)
> In general just follow the instructions of your Linux distribution or general 
> instructions to set up postgrey. Just put the check_policy_service line into 
> the kolab postif main.cf instead of the one that comes with your 
> distribution.

Please check postfix.sum I think now every mail is counted double.

ing. Andrea Gelpi
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