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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Jan 3 11:41:20 CET 2008

On Monday 17 December 2007 20:02, Richard Bos wrote:
> > Why do you want to hide the underneath features under vague words.

Administrators ("users" to our Kolab Server) often report that they are 
overwhelmed with options, they also do not understand.
This is why the administration capabilities should be very strict about
containing only the most important buttons. We should put up a good argument 
for each button as experienced MTA administrators can use the kolab-templates 
anyway to fine-tune. And they will need to do it.

> > Why not list them all, maybe ordered from the lighter to the hardest, and
> > maybe with a hint in ( relaxed, medium, aggressive ) and some more help.
> Why not combine both ;) ?
> Each and every measure should just be listed, which could be activated with
> e.g. a checkbox.  

No, this is probably overkill.
Using a few sections with a sensible grouping might be better.
Single measure can still be defined in the configuration files themselfs.

> Additionally there could be three columns after the checkbox that shows
> whether the measure is part of a (convenience group as listed above
> (relaxed, medium or aggressive)).
> The convenience groups are probably just arrays in php (or maybe a new
> template file?).  By selecting a convenience group all measure that are
> part of that group will be checked.  That way it is also visible clear what
> the result will be of selecting a convenience group.

I agree that there should be good documentation about what the groups do,
but on the other hand, I know that documentation will rot pretty fast,
so for a frist step a hint towards the relevant templates would be sufficient.
I think that adding another mini-templating system like arrays in php would be 
too complex to do any good. The main work will be to discuss what good default 
are. Doing for three levels instead of the one that we have know is adding 
more load to us.

So even the idea of adding only one level or keep the current and document
the possibilities of postfix better is still appealing to me. ;)


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