[Kolab-devel] [issue2366] kolab break the openpkg apache.d/*.conf configuration scheme

Alain Spineux kolab-issues at intevation.de
Wed Jan 2 14:45:08 CET 2008

New submission from Alain Spineux <alain.spineux at gmail.com>:


I'm trying to make a plug&play squirrelmail package for kolab and also openpkg
But I have a problem with apache-php

Openpkg has a apache.conf with the line 

>Include "@l_prefix@/etc/apache/apache.d/*.conf"

and in this directory is the file apache-php.conf with the line 

>PHPINIDir   /kolab/etc/apache/apache-php.ini

where live the php settings

But kolab overwrite this 'harmony'  !

First kolab removed the line

>Include "@l_prefix@/etc/apache/apache.d/*.conf"

from its apache.conf template, second it has a template that generate a new
php.ini file.

Because php dont have a PHPINIDir  directive anymore it use this new php.ini
file as a default.

I suggest kolab to re-activate the 

>Include "@l_prefix@/etc/apache/apache.d/*.conf"

in the template and overwrite the apache-php.ini instead of the php.ini.
This is two line in the code to changes.
I made a try and it works !

That way I can plug my squirrelmail.conf in apache.d directory 

Here is the patch 

diff -aNr kolabd-2.1.99.orig/templates/httpd.conf.template.in
< Include @webserver_confdir@/*.include
> Include @webserver_confdir@/apache.d/*.conf
diff -aNr kolabd-2.1.99.orig/templates/php.ini.template.in
< TARGET=@phpini_dir@/php.ini
> TARGET=@phpini_dir@/apache-php.ini

PS: This could be a good idea to rename httpd.conf.template into 
apache.conf.template to avoid confusion but be careful when upgrading to remove
old http.conf.template file


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nosy: alain.spineux at gmail.com
priority: minor bug
status: unread
title: kolab break the openpkg apache.d/*.conf configuration scheme
topic: server
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