[Kolab-devel] bug in seperator and freebusy ?

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Fri Dec 12 09:59:40 CET 2008

Am Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008 22:37:21 schrieb Richard Bos:

Hi Richard,

> I assume because at the moment it is possible to get a folder hierarchy for
> regular folders, like:
> folder-A
>   folder-1
>   folder-2
> folder-B
>   folder-1
> etc
> But the shared folders are all shown in the folder-[AB] level not on
> folder-[12] level.  Currently it is like this:
> folder-A
>   folder-1
>   folder-2
> folder-B
>   folder-1
> shared.folder1
> shared.folder2
> ...
> shared.folder20

> I think that it would indeed be better that, like:
> folder-A
>   folder-1
>   folder-2
> folder-B
>   folder-1
> shared
>   folder
>   folder2
>   ...
>   folder20

But folder-A and folder-B are below the INBOX namespace while folder1 is below 
the shared Namespace. In your example 


would not be distinguishable from folders


Basically this means that it must be clear that these folders are not 
subfolders of the users INBOX but that they are shared/public folders.

In general there are three namespaces in Kolab.

1. personal namespace
These are all folders which are located below the users INBOX

- shared folders
There are folders which are made available to other users and groups using 
IMAP ACLs. This namespace is indicated by "user/"

- public folders
These are folders created by an administrator which do not belong to any user. 
Unfortunately these public folders are announces using the keyword "shared". 

-- martin

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