[Kolab-devel] bug in seperator and freebusy ?

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Thu Dec 11 22:14:27 CET 2008

Am Mittwoch, 26. November 2008 10:38:47 schrieb Ronald van Eendenburg:

Hi Ronald,

>  I have a quaestion regarding the separator used.
>  Why is the seperator used a '.' instead of a '/' in the shared folder.
>  Now the 'shared' folder shows a series of shared.foldername folders. If i
> change the foldernames in cyrus, in for instance shared/foldername the
> folders become subfolders of shared. This is, as far as i know, some kind
> of a standard in shared folder use.

I don'T fully understand this question but the display of the folder hierarchy 
is a matter of the IMAP client not the server.

>  And also why is it not named 'shared folders' instead of 'shared'.

This is also up to the IMAP to decide how to display an IMAP namespace. E.g. 
the German Version of KONSEC Konnektor displays "Freigegebene Ordner".

>  If i adjust this, the management is lost of this folders. is there any way
> to change this in some kind of way so when i make a new folder in the kolab
> admin page, this will set in also LDAP and in cyrus with a / as seperator?

Why do you want to modify the IMAP separator?

> If i adjust the foldername in cyrus to 'shared folder', horde will start,
> but without sidebar. Maybe it will be nice to aks in the bootstrap the name
> of the shared folder instance, like: Name of shared folder: [Shared
> Folder]:   < (as default)

The presentation of folders need to be changed in Horde Webclient not in the 

>  Also the freebusy doesn't work. it generates an error is i want to make an
> appointment in the calendar and try to lookup an attendee's free busy.

>  I installed kolab server 2.2 final (horde parts show 2.2RC3) in debian,
> with the debian-source.

Please note that the horde released with 2.2 final is not of production 
quality. Thigs will improve with the upcoming 2.2.1 which mainly got fixes for 

-- martin

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