[Kolab-devel] [issue3293] Big code duplication and code version messup: Horde libs in 2.2.1

Sascha Wilde kolab-issues at intevation.de
Thu Dec 4 18:41:56 CET 2008

New submission from Sascha Wilde <wilde at intevation.de>:

I just learned that in the current version of the upcoming
Kolab-Server 2.2.1 large parts of the Horde library code are
installed twice: under /kolab/lib/php/Horde and

Even worse, the versions of the code in both places are not in sync,
quick scan done like this:

for i in `find /kolab/lib/php/Horde -type f`
   if [ -f $j ] ; then
     echo "$(( ++n )) `basename $j:`" 
     cmp $i $j || m=$(( m + 1 ))
echo "Found $n identical named files, $m with differing content."

shows: Found 191 identical named files, 123 with differing content.

The differences range from mere cosmetic changes in comments to quite
big code changes.

To me this is quite alarming, not only because code duplicate per se
is a bad thing (which IMNSHO it is!) but especially because of the
different versions.  I guess this will increase the effort of tracking
down and fixing of bugs significantly as they have to be investigated
and solved in two different places maybe even different code versions.

Gunnar, maybe you could put a short rational for the current state of
things into this issue.  Then we should try to solve this in a
sensible manner ASAP.

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title: Big code duplication and code version messup: Horde libs in 2.2.1
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