[Kolab-devel] Inofficial patches for cyrus 2.3.3 [was: Re: Kolab 2 with Cyrus 2.3.1 ?]

Michael Leupold leupold at leunet.de
Fri May 12 18:07:08 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, 12. Mai 2006 08:28 schrieb Matthias Henze:
> > Has anyone successfully installed Cyrus 2.3.1 with Kolab2?
> > I curious about setting up the replication for one of our clients?
> i haven't - but - if cyrus 3.2.1 has applied the kolab patches upstream
> then this may work. kolab uses a patched cyrus.

I got quite excited when I read cyrus 2.3 was available from openpkg.org as it 
takes the murder to the next level (no more need for proxyd/lmtpproxyd). Plus 
I haven't gotten the murder to work on 2.2 due to some "undefined errors".
So I got myself the 2.3.3 src.rpm from ftp.openpkg.org and startet fiddling 
with it. Judging from the first look none of the kolab-specific patches are 
incorporated, but on the other hand most of the old patches applied just fine 
and only a few needed a bit of tweaking (basically just rewiring the code).

I tarred everything and attached the file. Instructions inside. I've compiled 
and installed cyrus-2.3.3 on a kolab2.1beta1 server but I lacked the time to 
testdrive it. So I'm offering those patches without guarantees and warranties 
whatsoever. I just hoped it might be useful for someone as I don't have more 
time to put into this.

Kind regards,
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