[Kolab-devel] [issue1126] ldap_simple_bind() failed and Domain/Realm not available

gelpi@corona.it corona at gelpi.it
Thu Feb 16 14:52:56 CET 2006

Andrea ha scritto:

>New submission from Andrea <soliva at comcept.ch>:
>I thought I write this issue because I do not really know if you are aware
>of it. I have now implemented 3 kolab2 servers by different customers.
>The kolab servers itself are Fedora 3 based or Solaris. All works fine
>without any issues and without errors except following (using Kolab 2.0.3
>upgraded from 2.0.1):
>--> On Solaris and Fedora 3 installation I have always this error:
>==> /kolab/var/sasl/log/saslauthd.log <==
>Feb 13 13:10:05 kolab2 <debug> saslauthd[25951]: ldap_simple_bind() failed
>-1 (Can't contact LDAP server).
>Feb 13 13:10:05 kolab2 <info> saslauthd[25951]: Retrying authentication
>Feb 13 13:10:05 kolab2 <debug> saslauthd[25951]: Domain/Realm not available.
>Feb 13 13:10:05 kolab2 <debug> saslauthd[25951]: Domain/Realm not available.
>I was not able to adjust this because I do not really understand
>this...again all is working incl. LDAP global addressbook etc. and I'm
>using all encrypted services etc. and accessing the ldap with a tool from
>a windows client is no issue and no problem!? Is this an issue? Why this
>happens and can this be adjusted?
In my 2.1 installation I have the same error repeated all days and nights.
All seems to work good but:

One time I got that error in kolab admin web interface and to continue I 
had to relogin.

Onother time I log into horde imp and inbox were empty. I had to logout and 
login again to see my messages.

In both cases in saslauthd.log there were lots of those error messages, not 
only two as usual.

The error is present in my log every 10 minutes at:

00, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 55 minutes of every hours when nobody is 
using the mail server (no user connected and no mail coming from 
outside) and some other times when users are connected.

Andrea Gelpi

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