[Kolab-devel] [issue1125] Rights on dir /kolab/var/imapd

ComCept Net GmbH Soliva soliva at comcept.ch
Wed Feb 15 10:41:29 CET 2006


Many thanks for answer....I controlled again the logs and saw that the ERROR
again appears :-(

I adjusted back the rights it means as you recommended to kolab-r:kolab for
impad dir and also The log dir and db I controlled but the rights are the
same as you mentioned! I adjusted in the Log file dir the rights also to
kolab-r:kolar-r even it would be ony cosmetic based. I do not really know
Why the ERRORS are coming up again...funny! I controlled also the id but
they are absolutly the Same as you mentioned below!

Any ideas what I can do or look at it!?


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Betreff: [issue1125] Rights on dir /kolab/var/imapd

Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at intevation.de> added the comment:

On our 2.0 and 2.1 installations the directory persmissions are:
drwxr-x---  kolab-r kolab    /kolab/var/imapd
drwxr-x---  kolab-r kolab-r  /kolab/var/imapd/db
drwxr-x---  kolab-r kolab-r  /kolab/var/imapd/log

The DBERROR messages you see are related to files in the db dir, not in the
dir, they are owned by kolab-r.kolab-r and only readable and writable by the

Besides these strange root.other owned files, the files in the log directory
have the same permissions for us. I must admit, that world writable files
strange, but as the log directory is not world accessible, this is only a
cosmetic issue.

It might be that something unusual happened to your installation. There
be no root.other owned files.

If "chgrp kolab-r /kolab/var/imapd" fixed your problem, there may be
wrong in other parts of your installation. Please compare your output of:
$ id kolab
uid=19414(kolab) gid=19414(kolab) groups=19414(kolab)
$ id kolab-r
uid=19415(kolab-r) gid=19415(kolab-r) groups=19415(kolab-r)
$ id kolab-n
uid=19416(kolab-n) gid=19416(kolab-n) groups=19416(kolab-n)

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