[Kolab-devel] [issue1121] proko2 client crashes when renaming cause moving folder

T. Ribbrock kolab-issues at intevation.de
Thu Feb 9 12:54:35 CET 2006

New submission from T. Ribbrock <admin_slox-e at itsef.com>:

kde client proko2.0.6 on SuSE 10.0:

- Click on a folder NAME, goto "Properties"
- rename folder from "NAME" to "SOME_EXISTING_FOLDER/NAME"
  This should cause folder NAME to become a subfolder of SOME_EXISTING_FOLDER
- Check for new mail
- After sync has finished, click on any other folder
I have no idea whether the backtrace that is produced by the KDE crash handler
is of any use, but I'll attach it just to be on the safe side.

Upon restart, it can be seen that the folder has indeed been renamed and
subsequently been moved correctly on the server. however, for some odd reason
the client can't deal with it. This is a pity, as this seems to be the only easy
way to move a folder into another folder...

files: kontact-crash.txt
messages: 6529
nosy: itsef_admin
priority: urgent
status: unread
title: proko2 client crashes when renaming cause moving folder
topic: kde client, proko2
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