[Kolab-devel] Cyrreconstruct is corrupting mailboxes. How do I use it?

Kevin Baker kbaker at missionvi.com
Mon Oct 31 23:11:29 CET 2005

I was thinking that maybe I should have posted this to Dev list, since it
seems to be a bug with reconstruct.

Cyrreconstruct is corrupting my mailboxes during migration.

So I am migrating from a standard Cyrus server to a new Kolab setup on a
new machine. I used Imapsync for most accounts, but some just will not
transfer this way.

So I decided to use standard SCP/Cyrreconstruct method that I have used
with Cyrus in the past. I completely corrupted the mailboxes that I used
this method on.

Why? Reconstruct fails, so I have bad cyrus.header information on all

Does anyone have experience successfully using cyrreconstruct with Kolab?
I have read some threads I have a pretty good process defined from them,
problem is it doesn't work ;)

My Process:
- Create account on new machine in Kolab
- Scp files from old machine user mailbox to new machine user mailbox
- Correct permissions on files: kolab-r:kolab-r (rw) recursive on all dirs.
- Shut down Kolab server
- Remove cyrus.* files from all dirs.
  (recommendation for migrations from none Kolab boxes in thread)
- Run /kolab/sbin/cyrreconstruct -rf user/username at domain.com
  I replace username at domain.com with my info
- Restart Kolab

- Cyrreconstruct does not show any "discovered {folder}" information,
reconstruct seems to fail although it does not show any errors.
- Mailbox has System/IO error when accessing from any mail client

I have about 10 accounts that I need to transfer this way. I can just do
it by hand with Tbird and both accounts added with drag and drop, but I
will loose the Internaldates, which I need for users on Outlook and other.

Any ideas would be Hugely appreciated, even if it is "don't use
reconstruct do it this way.." hopefully more along the lines of "did you
do this, this will fix it" ;)

Is this something I should post to the Cyrus list maybe?

Thanks Tons,

Kevin Baker

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