[Kolab-devel] Kolab2 Toltec Connector Horde and XML format

ComCept Net GmbH Soliva soliva at comcept.ch
Fri Oct 28 19:28:11 CEST 2005

Hi everybody

I installed Kolab2 on Solaris and on my Outlook I'm using the Toltec
Connector and it seems all is working fine. As next step I installed Horde
and also this seems that work fine because I see on my Webmail-interface all
information which comes actually from my Outlook or Kolab2 but with two

> After connecting/disconnectin the first time to Horde I loged in again to
my Outlook to controll if all is ok and recongnized that all standard
folders lie Notizen, Kalender etc. are now duplicated with notes, calender
etc. It seems that this information comes from Horde and was comunicated to
Kolab2. Is there a solution that this will not happen (Seems to me that this
is a language issue)!

> On Horde interface I can really find all my information which I have also
on my Outlook inkl. Shared folders etc. but the calender, notes etc. shows
me only the XML format from Toltec Connector it means if I click on Horde on
this entry I will see a message about xml new storage format etc. How can
Horde be adjusted that it will show xml storage format. I can not find on
the administraton site any hints about xml storage format etc.

Any help is appriciated......!

Kind regards


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