Fwd: Re: [Kolab-devel] The kolab-resource-handlers module

Richard Bos radoeka at xs4all.nl
Wed Oct 26 20:36:28 CEST 2005

Op vrijdag 21 oktober 2005 22:58, schreef Steffen Hansen:
> Ok, the fbview stuff for Kolab looks like it's a modified version of
> Kronolith, so it's definitely Kolab specific. I think we should
> organize the packages in two parts: 1) what is "pure" horde with stuff
> than be merged back into the horde CVS and 2) what is Kolab stuff.
> Depending on what Stuart says about the horde dir in CVS we might create
> subdirs for framework, kronolith, ... in that. I still think it's maybe
> a good idea to have the framework as a completely separate RPM though
> so you don't need to install additional Horde apps to use basic Kolab
> functionality.


is it possible to let us is know, what is happening in this area?  Perhaps 
there are some background discussions going on?  It would be really nice to 
be kept informed.

Thanks in advance,

Richard Bos
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