[Kolab-devel] kolab cyrus imap patch does not build

Richard Bos radoeka at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 24 23:44:51 CEST 2005

Op maandag 24 oktober 2005 23:06, schreef Martin Konold:
> > Ah, yes that's it of course :))  That's clarified.
> FYR: The reason for this is that we don't wanted to modify the default
> options of the upstream OpenPKG packages. This shall make it easier for
> OpenPKG to accept our SRPMS for inclusion.

I have no problems with with=ldap, I only did not think of it, neither did 
Marcus.  The thing to wonder about is, why the kolab/openpkg does not 
complain about the missing -lldap gcc option....?

Richard Bos
Without a home the journey is endless

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