[Kolab-devel] Get something out of Exchange via LDAP?

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Also, I have found that you will lose internal name to address mapping on
old emails if you export them to a PST file either through the Exchange
wizard or by manually copying emails from an Exchange mailbox to a PST file.
For example, if your domain is example.com, an email that you received from
joe at example.com will show up as being from "Joe", but if you try to reply to
it Outlook will not know the email address for "Joe".

The best way I have found to preserve all information is to connect to your
old Exchange server using IMAP and copy the emails over to a PST file from
the IMAP folders.  While this is a somewhat painful way to do it, I found no
other alternative that retains all address information on old emails.


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On Thursday 20 October 2005 17:31, Fabio Pietrosanti wrote:

> During this month i'll have to migrate several tousand of users from 
> an exchange installation to Kolab.

You are very brave :-)

> If you could provide a test installation of an exchange server i can 
> work on the migration scripts.
> I think that there are serious trouble regarding the way active 
> directory password's hash (NTLMv1 and NTLMv2).
> An interesting feature of cyrus sasl is the support of NTLM.
> Which kolab migration scenario could we immagine?

Theoretically, you can leave your users in Active Directory. There is an
Active Directory LDAP backend for Kolab 1 which works more or less out of
the box. The code is still present in Kolab 2, but it doesn't work anymore.
We are currently fixing the AD backend to work again with Kolab 2. When this
is finished, you will be able to store and manage your Kolab users in AD.
The user authentication against the AD uses SASL. This is part of the stock
Cyrus IMAP server and it only needs to be recompiled to include the
necessary Kerberos subsystem.

The second part is the mailbox data migration. I don't know any reliable way
to retreive the messages from the Exchange server into the IMAP server
directly without knowing the users' passwords. Secondly, if you need to
migrate other data than email messages (calendar, contact), you have to
create a PST file manually from each mailbox and re-import the PST file
through the client (Outlook) later.

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