[Kolab-devel] PARTIAL SUMMARY kolab_bootstrap -b fails on Solaris8Sparc

Bernhard Reiter bernhard.reiter at intevation.de
Wed Oct 19 22:28:09 CEST 2005

Am Montag, 17. Oktober 2005 20:03 schrieb ComCept Net GmbH Soliva:
> Anyway I begann again from the scratch and I could solve the problem
> now it seems to work! There some stuff which are or should be intressting
> for you and which you can also solve without big efforts. Below you will
> find a installation notes.

Hi Andrea,
it is very cool that the Kolab Server is working for you now.
Also thanks for the long report!

It will be helpful for all that try a similiar installation.

> - Posix seems to me again not everywhere configured in a clean way!

Can you elaborate what you mean by this?

> 50.2) First of all install wget to get the source:

note the following post and some research made me stop using wget at all 
There are alternatives like "puf".

>      	ACHTUNG Be careful on a  "Ultra 2 (2 X 300 MHz) 512 RAM" the
> installation will take
> 	******* 12 - 15 hours!

Wow, not the fastest machines. ;)
If you like you could provide the RPMs you have gotten out of this somewhere. 

> 	NOTE I do not really know but I was not able to compile clamav in a
> way which clamav finds
> 	**** and compiles successfully the gmp lib stuff. On my point of
> view on 64bit based on Solaris 8
> 	     it is not possible. I use under normal env. Clamav and GMP
> without problems. Also why the
> 	     developers deleted the sparc/* directory and excluded the code
> for sparc seems to me not
> 	     clear (see .spec file of clamav).

Both is something you should ask again on the openpkg lists.

>       The packages gmp is on my point of view not anymore needed but anyway
> installe
>       it for future use.

Yes, if clamav does not have use it, then you do not need it.

> 	ATTENTION Under V2.0.1 there are some commands in "kolab_bootstrap"
> which are not
> 	********* posix like it means "ps aux" is used but as mentioned
> posix like is
> 		    "ps -elf". Change this two positions. In the next
> version this should be
>  		    not anymore a case!

I except this to be gone in 2.1.x server versions.

> 	ATTENTION Unter Kolab2 V2.0.1 the following file "main.cf.template"
> must be modified.
> 	********* This is neccessary because it seems under Solaris that dbm
> is the default
>   		    format to write the db's but in the template file is
> configured "hash".
>  		    If you would not do the modification you will get
> following error:
> 		<critical> postfix/postmap[8083]: fatal: unsupported map
> type: dbm
> 		    To advice postfix which db format must be written add
> the following to
> 		    the template file of postfix:
> 	# vi /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/main.cf.template
> 	--------------- /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/main.cf.template
> ---------------
> 	# this file is automatically written by the Kolab config backend
> 	# manual additions are lost unless made to the template in the Kolab
> config directory
> 	default_database_type = hash
> 	--------------- /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/main.cf.template
> ---------------
> 	NOTE This modification should be added as default to the template
> file. I would suggest
> 	**** to the developer to do so to eliminate future problems not even
> under Solaris!

I think the problem is that the default is dbm, but this is not supported
on your platform. I wonder why it did choose dbm as default then.
Hmm you are saying that if we use hash:/ something in the main.cf
then the default should be "hash", too and this is harmless?

> 	# cat /kolab/var/sasl/log/saslauthd.log
> 	<info> saslauthd[7141]: Retrying authentication
> 	<debug> saslauthd[7141]: Domain/Realm not available.
> 	<debug> saslauthd[7141]: Domain/Realm not available.
> 	<debug> saslauthd[7148]: Domain/Realm not available.
> 	<debug> saslauthd[7148]: Domain/Realm not available.
> 	<error> saslauthd[7148]: user ldap_search_st() failed: Can't contact
> LDAP server

No idea where this could come from.

> 	# /kolab/var/postfix/log/postfix.log
> 	<warning> postfix/postfix-script[24179]: warning: not owned by root:
> /kolab/etc/postfix/main.cf


> In the next days I have to verify the installation add user, groups etc.
> That's it I hope you can follow it :-)


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