[Kolab-devel] automated backup

Markus Heller markus at relix.de
Sun Oct 16 15:28:34 CEST 2005

Dear developers,

I just read about a feature wish somebody stated in the wiki:

"Integrated tar/gz/bz backup of mailboxes and configuration files plus cron 

What do you think about omitting the idea that the backup needs to be 100% 

I mean, in that case, a simple perl script would be absolutely sufficient. In 
order not to rely on the tar and gzip binaries of the underlying OS, the 
following perl modules would need to be installed:


The only problem here would be scalability. In case somebody has a 1 TB Kolab 
installation, such a perl script would run forever. Perhaps a neat little c 
implementation wouldn't be bad either?

Or would you suggest to leave this task to the cyrus guys and hope they start 
to develop reasonable backup procedures within cyr_master?

What's your strategy?

Thanks for your oppinion!


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