Fwd: Re: [Kolab-devel] The kolab-resource-handlers module

Richard Bos radoeka at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 13 22:11:11 CEST 2005

Op donderdag 13 oktober 2005 18:26, schreef Bernhard Reiter:
> > There are multiple options:
> > 1. confiscate the whole thing...., how can the horde code be
> > autoconfiscated?
> The subset that is needed for resmgr and freebusy would need to be
> included, but I think I am getting a bit confused here about the
> autoconfiscation. I think the goal was to get a Kolab Server running from
> tarballs?

The autoconfiscation effort is to make it possible to install kolab on regular 
distributions.  After the autoconfiscation the packager needs to define a 
path, user or group only once and a package can be build.  Much easier than 
it used to be, patching code over and over again, as the code changing (which 
is a good thing).  The intermediate result of the autoconfiscation effort is 
a tarbal that can be released.  But of course rpms/debs should be made of it.

> > 2. store the horde code in its own module (I think that is best solution)
> >
> > 3. Something in between.

Perhaps, we can have the horde stored in a tarbal and have it installed from 
the tarbal by the makefile?  Seems an awfull trick...

> At least part of the Horde code is needed by resmgr and freebusy,
> so 2. never was an option. (Or am I missing something?).

But isn't the horde code comparable to any of the other 3rd party packages, 
such as apache, postfix, cyrus, etc?  Kolab uses the vanilla source with 
patches in cvs in their own directories.  In mean their is no apache code 
stored in cvs, only the patches... 

> You only want to have the fbview in your own module.
> But if the part of Horde needed for resmgr and freebusy is a large
> fraction of Horde, then we do not win much be removing this feature anyway
> and we would need to go with 1.

Understand that, but although you may _depend_ on the code it does not mean 
mean that the code is stored in the same cvs module is it?  What is the 
reason that this horde code is stored in kolab's cvs?

I did not check, but it might be that my distro provides horde already as such 
the horde code should not come with the kolab-resource-handlers rpm.  The 
horde code should be delivered by it's own package.... seperate from  
kolab-resource-handlers code.  Actually this is to my point of view the 
issue.  Now how is it possible to provide the horde code only in an rpm?  I 
think by storing the horde code in its own cvs module, seperated from the 
resource-handler code.

I hope it is a little clearer.  Thanks for picking up this issue!

Richard Bos
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