Fwd: Re: [Kolab-devel] The kolab-resource-handlers module

Richard Bos radoeka at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 11 08:26:18 CEST 2005

Op zaterdag 08 oktober 2005 23:44, schreef Marcus Hüwe:
> Everything should work fine (normally :) ). I attached the tarball so
> you can have a look at it. The dist_conf/kolab and dist_conf/common
> files has to be updated too (i attached the files).
> If you've questions just ask

to thew kolab devs: how do we continue from here...?  The bottleneck is the 
horde code in the resource handlers module?  How can be include the horde 
code in the autoconfiscated build method?  Or is it possible to move the 
horde code to it's own module?

Richard Bos
Without a home the journey is endless

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