[Kolab-devel] Concepts of "Groups" in LDAP

Fabio Pietrosanti lists at pietrosanti.it
Fri Oct 7 12:45:15 CEST 2005

i would like to know if in Kolab there is, or it's planned to be
implemented, the concept of "Groups" .

Categories of users that belong to groups.
Groups that determine the privileges (roles) and details of users (like
having for "Marketing Group" a default quota of 40MB).

Kolab has now quite poor management capabilities and i got from my
customer (which usually work with Active Directory) request in that

They asked about groups, asked why there are so many "tabs" for
Administrators/Mainteiners/Domain Mainteiners whether this should be
simply users with specific administrative capabilities.

They criticized not the core kolab feature but the management
functionality that has severe limitations when you have a huge amount of
users with different class and conditions.

That's not a criticisims, it's just a feedback i got from a big company
now adopting kolab.

What are the directions of the project regarding the enanchments of web
management interfaces?

What about adopting already existing and quite completed approach like
Gosa http://oss.gonicus.de/gosa (obviously stripping out that's not
really needed for kolab) ?

Kind Regards


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