[Kolab-devel] IMP customization for Toltec or Konsec connector

Davison Long davlist2 at nextgentech.net
Mon Oct 3 22:06:48 CEST 2005

Thanks for everyone's input regarding the use of Kolab with Outlook

I have one more issue that, if resolved, will allow me to actually get a
working solution between Horde/IMP and Outlook.

Does anyone know of a way to customize IMP (either through Kolab's
configuration or through Horde/IMP directly) that will allow IMP to use a
subfolder of an IMAP store as the default Inbox?  In other words, if I have
setup Outlook using a connector for Kolab and activated the sieve to
redirect mail into a subfolder (called Inbox), can I have IMP treat this
subfolder as the root folder so that it shows up as the true Inbox when
logging into Horde?

What I want is to change the folder view IMP uses from this:

+INBOX (Root folder of user)
---Inbox (INBOX.Inbox)
---Calendar (INBOX.Calendar)
---Contacts (INBOX.Contacts)
---Sent Items (INBOX.Sent Items)
---Tasks (INBOX.Tasks)

To this:

+Inbox (INBOX.Inbox)
---Calendar (INBOX.Calendar)
---Contacts (INBOX.Contacts)
---Sent Items (INBOX.Sent Items)
---Tasks (INBOX.Tasks)

Actually, what I want is more than just a change of the folder view, but
also for IMP to treat the Inbox subfolder the same way it treats the
existing root folder (i.e. checks for unread mail and bolds the folder name
with the number of unread messages in parentheses, shows the mail in this
folder as the default view when logging in, etc.)

I've tried to play around with the IMP source myself, but it is getting too
complicated as there are changes necessary in so many places from what I've
seen.  Can anyone help me with this?  And yes, I've searched through the IMP
mailing lists.

Thanks a lot,

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