[Kolab-devel] Toltec Connector

Davison Long davlist2 at nextgentech.net
Mon Oct 3 05:10:39 CEST 2005

Maybe this isn't the right list to post this to (if not please tell me what
list is correct), but I seem to have some extreme misunderstanding of what
the point of the Toltec connector is.

I was under the impression that it was supposed to make using Outlook with
Kolab2 somewhat like using Outlook with Exchange.  When I got the trial and
began playing around with the manual for the connector, I see stuff about
using POP3 to download mail???

So I have a couple questions:

1)  Correct me if I am wrong, but that means you will be downloading mail
from the Kolab server using POP3 into an Outlook folder that will then in
turn be synchronized back to the Kolab server using IMAP through the Toltec
connector?  This seems a bit strange to me even just for bandwidth and space

2)  This scenario also means that you will have two Inboxes.  One real Inbox
that is on the Kolab server (and is where new emails are delivered), and one
that is synchronized from a local .pst file back to the Kolab server.  This
means that read emails will not be marked as read in the "real" inbox, which
makes the whole scenario of using both Outlook and the Horde webclient
somewhat pointless.

Why not just have the Toltec connector sync the actual inbox from the server
like an ordinary IMAP account would?  Am I missing something here?  Wouldn't
that make things so much more interoperable in addition to eliminating the
need to have a separate POP3 account just to download the emails?

Can anyone who has any experience with the Toltec connector please give me
some advice on how to set it up so I can use both Outlook and Horde with the
same Inbox (so you can tell that you have read a message when you visit

Thanks a lot,

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