[Kolab-devel] [issue554] Status reports for tasks are not registered

Bernhard Herzog kolab-issues at intevation.de
Tue Nov 30 18:00:09 CET 2004

New submission from Bernhard Herzog <bh at intevation.de>:

Status reports for tasks are not registered

Create a new task as user A and assign it to user B (B as only attendee).  B
gets an email with that task and accepts.  A registers that acceptance with the
corrsponding button on the acceptance mail.  Thus far it works fine.

Later B has finished parts of the task or all of it and changes the completion 
percentage accordingly.  B is asked to send a status report to A which B does. 
A receives the report, clicks on the [enter this into my tasklist] button.  The
new status does not show up in the task in A's tasklist.

This is probably not directly relevant for proko2, so it's only a minor bug.

assignedto: david
messages: 3161
nosy: bh, david
priority: minor bug
status: unread
title: Status reports for tasks are not registered
topic: kde client
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