[Kolab-devel] Calender support.

Hannessen, MS m.s.hannessen at st.hanze.nl
Tue Nov 30 12:43:00 CET 2004

This might not be directly related to the kolab project so I hope you
people aren't going to shoot me for asking, but..

I own a server with postfix / cyrus imap / openldap / sieve
>From what I have learned from configuring this server postfix seems to
be the one doing SMTP and delivery of mail to cyrus imap.
Cyrus Imap in turn is responsible for pop3 and imap
Openldap is used by both for user authirisation.
Sieve does the server side filtering of mail.

The kolab project seems to use exactly these programs but it also has
calender support.
Can anybody tell me what programs, scripts, backends are used for this?

If these components are in kolab only can they be extracted to work with
my setup?

Hoping to hear from you.

Mark Hannessen

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