[Kolab-devel] New Server 20041117

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Nov 17 17:56:09 CET 2004

Just uploaded server packages 20041117.
(As always, best is to get it from the mirrors a bit later.)

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Release notes Kolab2 Server 20041117

Upgrading from 20041108:

	You can stop the servers and run ./obmtool kolab.

	After restarting, run
	once so that resmgr.conf is okay again.

Changes from 20041108:
	kolab-resource-handlers 20041104->20041116
		* Fixing
			Issue529 (ical \-quoting)
			Issue502 (alarms stripped)
			Issue527 (location missing in xml)
			issue524 (case insensitive comparison...)
			issue518 (Kontact might trigger wrong pfb path.)
		* Hide scary warning when installing
	kolabd  20041107 -> 20041116
		* Fixing:
			issue512 (kolab filter only ran for output from amavis)
			issue502 (alarms stripped)
			Issue525 (only one (first?) delegate allowed)

	kolab-webadmin 20041105 -> 20041111
		* Fixing:
			issue520 (Cant create external addresses)

	perl-kolab  20041107 -> 20041110
		* Fixing
			issue482 (some external users treated like normal users)
		* support for "else blocks"

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