[Kolab-devel] Multiple identities and event handling

David Faure faure at kde.org
Wed Nov 10 22:29:12 CET 2004

On Tuesday 09 November 2004 13:02, Bo Thorsen wrote:
> In the above, Dave has two identities: "myself" and "boss".
> How will you figure out which of your identities is "you" - I mean, how 
> will you see if Dave should set <creator> to "myself" or "boss"? I see 
> three possible solutions here:
> - Use the first identity (since you are likely to always add yourself 
> first)

Sounds hackish.

> - Use the default identity

Yes, the idea was to use the default identity.

> - Use an explicitly set field - i.e. choose the "me" identity in 
> KOrganizer setup

KOrganizer has its own setup already, but when using the "settings from control center"
option, you in fact use the default identity (since the identity manager sets the control
center settings).

> All of these three carry other problems with them. The not so interesting 
> problem is what happens if you change your current "me" identity - I 
> would suggest not to worry too much about this, since we want to at least 
> worry more about the common case, which is that this doesn't change. 
> Using the default identity sounds good initially, but I think many 
> secretaries would be tempted to just set it as the default identity, if 
> they were switching all the time.

Well, my more long term idea was to add a flag to kmail identities, to distinguish
between "this is really me" and "this is someone I impersonate" (which can also
be said as "I am a delegate of that person) - so let's call the bool "delegate".
When checking if the user is the creator of an event, we would compare the
creator field with all "non-delegate" identities in kmail.

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